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How much does it cost to send money abroad?

How much it costs to transfer money internationally depends on the currency you're sending and the transfer type.

We offer competitive exchanges rates without hidden transfer fees. And we won't charge you additional currency exchange fees on weekdays.

We have nothing to hide; what you see is what you pay, with all our fees clearly displayed in-app.

How much does it cost to send money abroad?

How long will a money transfer take?

Depending on where you're sending to, an international money transfer with us will arrive within one day, as a same day transfer, or even an instant money transfer.

Sometimes, different payment methods may affect the delivery time of sending money abroad. Track the status of your online transfers in real-time, directly in-app, so you’ll always know where your money is.
How long will a money transfer take?

Send money internationally in 3, 2, 1...

How to send money abroad

  1. 1
    Join Revolut

    Install our Android or iOS app and sign up

  2. 2
    Fill in the details

    Add the recipient's details or choose from your contacts

  3. 3
    Send your transferChoose how much you want to transfer, hit Send, and that's it!

It's quick and easy

Enter a few details, tap send, and see your money arrives in as little as a few seconds. It’s as simple as that.Try Revolut now
It's quick and easy

Sometimes it's more than sending money

We know if you've got family abroad, sending money abroad is about connecting across the globe. You can transfer on-the-go, anytime: track it in-app and check rates and fees before you send. No surprises, just simple sends.Download the app
Sometimes it's more than sending money

International transfers made easy

Send smarter today, all around the world. We make it simple – you'll see the exchange rate and any fees in-app before you hit go. It's easy to see why 35+ million customers around the globe trust us to send money internationally.

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The best ways to send money abroad with Revolut

Explore our transfer options

  • To a bank account

    Transfer money using a recipient's bank account number

  • To a friend on Revolut

    Send money to other Revolut friends

  • To a digital wallet

    Coming soon: transfer money to a mobile wallet through their phone number

  • To a card

    Coming soon: send money in real-time to a card account

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